Gateway Mall COVID-19 vaccination site runs out of Johnson & Johnson vaccine

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — MARCH 18 UPDATE: The Gateway Mall site in Brentwood has run out of Johnson and Johnson doses.

A spokesperson told Action News Jax that he does not know when they’ll get more. The site is still offering the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Original Story from March 17 below:

Federally supported COVID-19 vaccination site to run out of Johnson & Johnson vaccine

The federally supported site in Brentwood was given 18,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but they have less than 6,000 left.

The one-dose shot has been preferred at the site over the two-dose Pfizer option.

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Ronald Beesley with the Florida Division of Emergency Management said the site was down to two vials for the day on Tuesday.

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced today he is not sure when the state will get an additional shipment of Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Today, the State released federally supported numbers for the four sites across the state.


  • Gateway: 1,394
  • Oceanway: 163
  • Carver Center: 275


  • Valencia College: 2,558
  • South Econ: 505
  • Avon Park: 281


  • Greyhound: 2,480
  • Plant City Stadium: 227
  • Walker Road Park: 358


  • Miami Dade Community College: 3,761
  • Allen Park: 549
  • Miami Springs Community Center: 743

Although each city is capable of doing about 4,000 shots daily, Jacksonville has had an underwhelming turnout since opening the sites two weeks ago.

Action News Jax asked Beesley why the turn out in Jacksonville has been so low. He believes vaccine hesitancy and myths are part of the reason.

“There were a lot of myths, like they are going to put a chip in my arm or put coronavirus in me and get me sick,” Beesley said. He said teams are on the ground gathering information about why people are hesitant to sign up.

“Part of that was just going to different high-traffic areas and ask if they would register, and if they didn’t, we question their reasoning,” Beesley said.

The teams carry a sheet with them to dispel vaccine myths when going door to door.

DeSantis announced he will lower the eligibility age to 55 sometime this month but does not want to do it yet and overwhelm the system.