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INVESTIGATES: 160 days ‘without answers’ after local father left on side of road, dead

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — It has been 160 days—nearly five months—since 59-year-old Darryl Lindsey was struck by a car on the Northside of Jacksonville. He was then left on the side of the road for nearly 12 hours, where he died.

Lindsey was a husband, father and grandfather. He was also a man of faith. The 59-year-old was walking home from church on Aug. 26, 2021, when he was hit by a vehicle that did not stop.

Action News Jax investigator Meghan Moriarty has been following this case since day one.

The driver did call 911 to report the crash once he got home. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office 911 dispatcher did not send anyone out to the scene despite the driver stating his windshield was cracked. He also said there was blood and hair on his Dodge Challenger.

Florida Highway Patrol is the lead investigating unit on the crash. A spokesperson has consistently told us they are still investigating. Once their investigation is complete, they will determine whether or not the driver will be charged.

Since our Action News Jax team got involved, JSO has begun investigating its handling of the initial 911 report. We’ve also obtained the 911 calls for the family to learn more about what happened that night and days after.

In a statement sent to Action News Jax on Wednesday, JSO said, “The internal investigation is still ongoing.” Moriarty followed up asking for a more specific timeline of completion. A spokesperson wrote back, “In speaking with the detective, the investigation is nearing its end, but I am unable to give you a date.”

Our Action News Jax investigation found the driver has a history of driving without a license. Moriarty obtained a copy of a letter from GEICO insurance, on Wednesday, stating the driver did not have insurance at the time of the crash.

When Moriarty asked FHP about the driver’s insurance status, a spokesperson said “insurance information is listed” on the report, but they have “no way of verifying the extent of the coverage.”

“The driver did not have insurance at the time of the accident,” Crystal Tyler said. “That caused a grave hardship for the children. They had to really struggle to properly bury their father.”

Tyler is a close family friend of the Lindseys’. She also serves as the family’s spokesperson. She said they want someone to be held accountable.

“You scream until someone hears you, and this family intends to do that at all costs,” Tyler said. “We will scream until someone hears us.”


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