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‘Nobody is being held accountable’: Jacksonville law firm joins in on investigating death of man hit

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Action News Jax has been investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Darryl Lindsey. It would have been his 60th birthday on Thursday.

“The fact that Mr. Lindsey was left on the side of the road for around 12 hours, and the fact that nobody is being held accountable for this — it’s concerning, to say the least,” Keith Anderson said. He is an attorney with Farah & Farah, and one of the men representing the Lindsey family at this time. The firm plans to bring a civil case against the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

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Four months ago, a Dodge Challenger hit Lindsey while he was walking along Martin Luther King Parkway at Wilson Street in Jacksonville.

Action News Jax reporter Meghan Moriarty learned a JSO dispatcher never sent a patrol car to the scene, even though the driver said he had hit “something.” The Sheriff’s Office told Moriarty it is now investigating its handling of the call.

The Lindsey family attorneys and Action News Jax recently received a copy of JSO’s policies for the handling of 911 calls. It was requested back in November.

“We want to see what kind of policies were in place when their dispatchers received 911 calls,” Attorney Rick Staggard said. “And, how they were trained and what the policies were for handling the call.”

Moriarty pushed for a copy of the 911 call made by the driver, investigators believed, hit Darryl Lindsey. She was denied for two months until Action News Jax got our attorney involved.

Lindsey’s family says “no human decency” was shown during 911 call.

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The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the incident and the driver. There are no current updates in the case. JSO is investigating how the dispatcher handled the call. There are no current updates at this time. Now, the family’s lawyers are investigating as well.

“We are investigating a number of civil claims on behalf of the family,” Staggard said. “We are also in receipt of the autopsy report of Mr. Lindsey. We are having that independently reviewed to determine whether or not, had there been proper 911 dispatch out to the scene, whether Mr. Lindsey’s life could’ve been save.”

So far, there have been no charges or citations brought against the driver.