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INVESTIGATES: “It’s literally just piles of garbage,” Neighbors push for cleanup in junk-filled home

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — UPDATE 10/22/2021: After Action News Jax investigated a home on Capper Driver with visible piles of trash surrounding it, the building was condemned for unsanitary and unsafe conditions.

ORIGINAL STORY 10/21/2021:

Junk is spread across a home on Capper Drive and has become a nuisance to neighbors. On Thursday, Action News Jax learned the city has helped clean up the property before, so there’s a $6,500 lien on it, as well as an active nuisance violation.

Neighbor Michelle Suda said it’s discouraging to live next to.

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“It’s just trash. It’s not metal, it’s garbage. It’s literally just piles of garbage,” she said.

Someone on the property didn’t want to speak on camera but told Action News Jax there’s a group of them living there, saying they’re scrappers, selling metal for money. They say it will be cleaned up soon.

Action News Jax emailed the city to figure out if anything has been done and was told the city made a visit today to see how the cleanup process will go. However, Suda says she still thinks about moving out.

“We’re thinking about selling it because of that but we can’t sell it because of that,” she said. “Nobody is going to want to live next to that.

Neighbors like Gwenfred Clark say it’s more than just junk and that her neighbors harass her.

“I wish someone would put them out,” neighbor Gwenfred Clark said.

Clark says the root of the problem is the people.

“They were getting free electiricty until I found out the cord they had running back there wasn’t mine, it was theirs,” she said.

JEA tells Action News Jax the property’s electric meter was cut off in June because of no payment and it doesn’t provide water to the house.

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“My husband came home one day and on that main road right there by our fence was a guy just standing there, urinating. he got out of the car and said ' are you kidding?’” she said.

When Action News Jax looked to see who owns it, the Duval County property appraisal website says the house belongs to “Mayberry Doris Estate.” When our crew stopped by the probate office, nothing was filed under that name.

Action News Jax got a warranty deed, but it wasn’t any different; both names listed are now deceased.

Clark says she hopes the eyesore and headaches go away soon.

Action News Jax emailed the city to see what happens to residents when electricity gets cut and there’s no water. We are still waiting on a response.

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