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INVESTIGATES: Woman speaks about previous run-in with officer accused of sending nude images to teen

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Action News Jax is investigating a Jacksonville sheriff’s officer accused of sending explicit images of himself to a teenage boy.

In the past week, Action News Jax has uncovered at least 28 complaints involving officer Alejandro Carmona-Fonseca between 2008 and 2021. More than half of them were sustained.

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The officer was also linked to an incident in 2020 involving a scuffle between a Jacksonville woman named Brittany Williams and several JSO officers, which was caught on a body camera.

Williams believes Carmona-Fonseca was dishonest with her case.

It’s one of the reasons Williams said she wasn’t surprised at all by the arrest and allegations involving Carmona-Fonseca, saying she believes if things were handled differently two years ago, it shouldn’t have even happened.

Nearly two years later, Williams says the intense incident with JSO officers stays with her every day.

The viral encounter started when Carmona-Fonseca parked in her driveway. He wasn’t involved in the scuffle, but their conversation led to other officers showing up and Williams going to jail with some of her front teeth broken and her arm injured.

“My life has been put on hold for two years, I’m still trying to catch back up,” Williams said.

Carmona-Fonseca’s body camera video wasn’t on for their initial conversation when he accused Williams of throwing a plastic spoon at him.

On trial, Williams was found not guilty on battery of a law enforcement officer, but guilty on resisting an officer without violence.

“Carmona lied on me. I was found not guilty on the allegations that Carmona said the things I did and accused me of,” Williams said.

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Now stemming from a different incident, Carmona-Fonseca is facing three felony charges accused of sending explicit images of himself to a teenage boy.

Williams said she wasn’t shocked to hear of these allegations and believes he should’ve been off the streets much earlier.

“I honestly feel like he should’ve been terminated, especially after everything I went through,” she said.

The internal affairs report for her case shows that Carmona-Fonseca received a violation for not having his body camera on. It also says he received a discipline of written reprimand Level One for violating the body-worn camera policy for a fourth time in under a year, and had a sustained charge of repeated infractions for the same issue.

Williams believes harsher discipline years ago could’ve gone a long way.

“I wasn’t surprised at all. The only thing I was surprised about is that he actually got caught and is being held accountable,” Williams said.

Action News Jax has reached out to JSO regarding the difference between Carmona-Fonseca’s human resource files and evaluations compared to the number of complaints he has. We’re waiting on a response.