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‘It’s just unbelievable:’ Father of unborn child accused of killing pregnant mother in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — 21-year-old Felicia Jones was found dead in Riverview Park Saturday morning. She was nine months pregnant, expecting a baby boy in early October.

On Thursday morning, JSO announced the arrest of 19-year-old Reginald Perry for the crime.

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JSO investigators say Perry turned himself in for the crime on Wednesday. He is facing two charges of murder in the second degree. During his first appearance in court, the judge did not issue him a bond.

Investigators also revealed Felicia died as a result of a gunshot.

Felicia’s friends said Perry is the unborn baby’s father.

“It’s just unbelievable,” Felicia’s friend Mikkyla Holliday said.

“The whole situation is just random. It’s crazy,” Felicia’s friend, Honestie Johnson, said.

Perry’s involvement in the crime has confused friends Mikkyla and Honestie.

“He wanted the baby, so hearing that he did this; nothing is adding up. It doesn’t really make sense to me of why he did this,” Holliday said.

They said Perry would be on FaceTime during Felicia’s appointments and aid he was trying to get a job and a car to provide for both mother and baby.

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Friends said another thing that didn’t add up was how Felicia ended up in the park.

“She’s 13 minutes from her house driving wise. She doesn’t have a car neither does he. So, how did y’all get to the park?” Johnson said.

Holliday said she had spoken to Felicia the night before she died and it didn’t appear anything was off.

As far as they knew, Felicia and Perry were in a relationship.

“Were they going through any problems? It’s a lot of questions… When did he even get a gun? How did any of this happen?” Johnson said.

What they do know and will always remember is how special Felicia was.

“With every piece of my being, don’t let her memory die because she was somebody that was important in this world, big or small,” Johnson said.

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They also said Felicia was ready to be a mom to her baby boy Ma’kailand. His due date was October 8.

Action News Jax also did not find any prior arrests for Perry.

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