Jacksonville artist donating 100% of sales to Ukrainian refugees

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Efforts continue to help Ukrainians displaced by the war. Many people are making donations or sending supplies to families overseas who have lost everything.

Anna Miller immigrated to the United States from Ukraine 25 years ago.

“It’s a beautiful country,” Miller said. “People are very generous and very hospitable. Good folks.”

She is struggling to come to terms with the horror going on in her home country.

“it’s almost like a separation from the peaceful realities that we’re all blessed with,” Miller said. “Because, inside I’m carrying that war.”

The painter began communicating with other Ukrainian artists on the ground to learn how to help. She decided to put all of her paintings on sale and donate 100% of the proceeds to Ukrainian families in need. You can see her work here.

“I’m transferring all money that I earn as soon as paintings sold. I’m transferring to Ukraine, to sponsors at regime,” Miller said “They bought some bullet proof vests with my money and I was— I cried when I saw the picture.”

She is working to help women and children find safe places to stay while some of their husbands fight in the war. She is also sending money so families can buy food.

“God gave me such a gift, and I can use this gift to help,” Miller said.

Miller also has an art show coming up. She’ll be at the Ponte Vedra Public Library on April 2.