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JSO identifies suspect killed in officer-involved shooting on Harts Road

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said a man was killed during a police-involved shooting on Harts Road Tuesday evening.

According to JSO, no officers were injured.

The Sheriff’s Office said that around 5:40 p.m. on Tuesday a victim reported a robbery in the 11200 block of Harts Road.

The victim was trying to buy an iPhone from a seller on social media when the seller robbed the victim at gunpoint, according to JSO.

JSO officers responded to where the robbery happened and set up an undercover operation in the area, the Sheriff’s Office said.

According to police, during the undercover operation, the officers made contact with three suspects and attempted to make arrests.

At that point the suspects produced a gun and the officers commanded for the suspects to drop the gun, JSO said.

According to JSO, the suspects did not drop the gun.

The officers then fired their service weapons striking two of the suspects, according to police.

JSO said one suspect shot died at the scene, and the other suspect shot was taken to the hospital and is critical but stable.

The third suspect was arrested and is in police custody, according to JSO.

On Thursday, JSO identified the suspect who died as 20-year-old Reginald Leon Boston Jr.

“The reported robbery leading to the shooting, is one of several reported prior to the officer involved encounter with the three individuals,” JSO said Thursday. “The officer involved shooting and the series of robberies continue to be investigated and further charges foreseeable in the near future.”

JSO also released a picture of “the firearm displayed during this encounter:”

The Sheriff’s Office said there were three officers involved in the shooting. One officer has been with JSO for over 13 years and according to the Sheriff’s Office, this is his third officer-involved shooting. Another officer involved has been with JSO for over 6 years and this is first officer-involved shooting, according to JSO. The third officer involved in Tuesday’s shooting has been with JSO for almost 5 years and this his first officer-involved shooting, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The Sheriff’s Office said that all three officers were in their police uniforms when the shooting happened.

JSO’s chief of investigations, T.K. Waters added this statement when it comes to making transactions using social media apps: “I think it’s very important that if you’re making those kinds of transactions – you can do it at any one of our substations at any time of the day. You can call, have someone meet you there. You can do it in the middle of the daytime. That’s the best way to do it. It’s the safest way.”

April Wilson

April Wilson

April Wilson is a digital content producer for Action News Jax.