Duval County

Multiple pets killed in fire in Sans Souci neighborhood, JFRD says

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A southside home is a total loss after a fire broke out around 12:30 this afternoon. JFRD says they got there within minutes, but it wasn’t enough.

“They made an aggressive attack. Fortunately or unfortunately nobody was home at the time. We have no injuries,” says Eric Prosswimmer with JFRD.

JFRD got the fire under control in just 15 minutes. They say the fire is still a tragedy for one major reason.

“Sorry to say there are multiple pets that have perished in the fire. We don’t know if any escaped or got out, that’s to be determined but animal control has been called in to take care of that situation.”

JFRD has confirmed there were cats, dogs, and at least one bird inside the house. Neighbors say the two adults who lived there would take in any cats they came across, acting as a private cat rescue. As animal control investigated, crews pulled dozens of crates out of the home. JFRD says none of the pets survived the flames.

“We believe they’re still inside because we pulled all the ceilings down and everything like that it’s hard to tell. Because we have the state fire marshal coming out they can’t go digging through stuff to pull out any pets that are in there because we don’t want to undermine the state investigators.”

Action News Jax asked the city “how many animals is someone allowed to have inside the home?” They say if they are sterilized, there is no limit as long as the animals are in safe conditions. The only limits are placed on unsterilized animals.

This is a developing story that will be updated once more information becomes available.