People living in Jacksonville RV park given 6 days to leave

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — People living in Thompson Mill RV Park must move by June 1.

Residents there were notified by the RV park owner, who wrote a letter saying the Fire Marshal of the City of Jacksonville will shut the power off next week citing, a lack of fire hydrants.

Chief Keith Powers with JFRD says several fire code violations were found and the owner had two months to address the violations.

“He may have given them a week, the landowner has known for two months.” Powers said the owner also had been clearing land without a permit, and he was doing illegal electrical work.

Powers said on May 5, the landowner had a meeting with the city and was told again the corrections needed to be made or people would have to move out.

People living there, like David Dyer, said they were notified today.

“We have until the first to pack up and find a new place.” Dyer said his wife recently had back surgery and cannot move.

The owner also said in the letter he is going through the permitting process, and plans to open the RV park up again once the issues are fixed.


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