Duval County

“We’re here to change lives” 2 local nonprofits in danger of shutdown without community’s help

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough for many financially.

Countless people have lost their jobs and they’re hoping the new year will bring more employment opportunities.

Action News Jax Courtney Cole introduces us to two nonprofits who need your help keeping their doors open, so they can continue to help those in need –successfully enter the workforce.

“Now I have hundreds of people calling, because the need is there,” Shara Mondy said.

Mondy said people have been calling because they need help getting a job.

Mondy is the founder of Suited for Success, a non-profit organization that offers free business attire for men and women trying to transition back into the workforce.

That includes veterans, people with disabilities, and those who were incarcerated and trying to re-enter society.

Mondy shares a storage unit space with Alfreda Boney of Perfectly Suited Career Consulting. Boney offers career and professional development training.

“We not only provide the suit, we help them with their resumes, we do a coaching session. Alfreda provides the one on one mock interviews,” Mondy told Action News Jax Courtney Cole.

Hardship from the pandemic leaves them without any funds for their professional clothing closet and place to operate.

Now they’re working out of a storage unit in Riverside.

“I actually had to shut the program down, because I didn’t have a place I could set up,” Mondy said.

Mondy told Cole she has helped hundreds in Duval County, achieve career success, going on 18 years.

“I’ve actually met people here, took their clothing in the bathroom, got them in a suit, and they left from here and went straight to the interview,” Mondy said.

Now she’s hoping someone will step-in, so they don’t have to stop providing their services.

“We’re not here just to suit people and provide them with a piece of clothing, we’re here to change lives. We’re here to give people that motivation to keep going,” Mondy told Action News Jax.

Both of these local non-profits fear if they don’t get any help soon, they will be forced to close their doors, and they don’t want to have to do that. They are hopeful that anyone that is able to help, will contact them.

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