Woman charged with DUI, accused of crashing into Learjet at Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport

Stephanie Agnello

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A woman is accused of driving under the influence after police say she crashed her vehicle into a plane at Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport in late September.

In addition to DUI, 27-year-old Stephanie Agnello, whose employer is listed as the U.S. Navy, is also facing charges of trespassing, careless driving and leaving the scene of a crash, according to a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

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The incident happened early in the morning on Sunday, Sept. 26, according to the report. A JSO officer saw a “suspicious vehicle,” which was an unmarked white SUV, near the JSO Aviation Unit hangar.

The officer saw the vehicle start moving and then “heard the sound of a collision.” The officer then called for backup and saw the vehicle driving on the aircraft ramp, which is where aircraft are typically parked.

Again, the officer “heard what sounded like a traffic crash,” and “believed the vehicle had struck an aircraft,” the report said.

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Jacksonville Aviation Authority officers were unable to respond to the officer’s call for assistance, the report said, but JSO officers arrived and the officer told them to proceed “onto the airfield with their emergency lights activated.”

The officer saw vehicle tracks in the grass leading to a taxiway sign, and found that the taxiway sign had been knocked over. The white SUV was turning around near hangars next to Sky Harbor Aviation and had “significant damage to the right side of the vehicle, including the tinted right rear sail panel window,” the report detailed.

While other officers were responding to the SUV driver, the initial responding officer drove to the ramp area where the SUV had driven earlier and “observed a Learjet 45 (registration number N45XT) with significant damage to the right wingtip.” The officer also saw that the aircraft was pivoted 40 degrees to the right and also “observed dark tinted glass on top the wing and on the ground near the wingtip.”

According to FAA registry records, the plane, N45XT, is registered to Ballator Transportation Services in Orlando.

According to FAA registry records, the plane is registered to Ballator Transportation Services in Orlando.

Another officer made contact with Agnello, who said that “she believed she was in Washington” and was trying to get onto the Navy base, according to the report.

The officer “smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage” and noticed Agnello had “slow slurred speech.” Agnello told the officer she had drank at a bar earlier in the day and agreed to allow the officer to conduct field sobriety exercises.

Agnello was then placed under arrest. According to JSO’s online Inmate Information Search, she was released from the Duval County Jail on bond on Tuesday, Sept. 28.

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