Young cancer patient’s dream lives on in art exhibit displayed at Cummer Museum

Young cancer patient?s dream lives on in art exhibit displayed a Cummer Museum

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — More than 100 people got a chance to see an 18-year-old’s beautiful artwork on display.

It was Alexis Mirkov’s dream, but she passed away from ovarian cancer just two weeks ago.

The plan was for her to be there Thursday at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, but the show went on in her honor.

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“This was her dream, this is what she wanted” explained Kathy Moses, her fiancé’s mother.

For Alexis, art was everything, whether it was a painting, a poem, or a drawing. Her fiancé Kyle Moses says it was her escape.

“For her it was her entire life,” said Kyle Moses.

And seeing her artwork in a gallery, well, that was her biggest wish; one that Moses, his family and the Dreams Come True Jacksonville organization set out to make happen.

“It makes me feel good, but it also makes me feel sad that she’s not here with me to witness this because that’s what the original plan was,” said Moses.

For the past year, Alexis was battling ovarian cancer, going through chemotherapy, surgery, even radiation.

Two weeks ago, the cancer become too intense to overcome, and she passed away.

But her spirit was there, inside that gallery with those she loved most.

“She’s loving every minute of it, she’s right here with me and my necklace. We all have a part of her with us, so she’s here she’s watching this,” explained Kathy Moses.

About 120 people saw her dream come alive inside the Cummer Museum Art and Gardens.

Friends, family and loved ones got to share a glimpse of the beauty she created.

“It means everything! This is what she wanted and this was her dream. Art was her dream!” exclaimed Kyle. ​