• Engineers begin trying to access data from El Faro voyage data recorder

    By: Brittney Donovan


    Engineers have begun trying to access data on El Faro's voyage data recorder.

    The NTSB said it's still unclear how long it will take them to review the data on the recorder, as the investigation is very complex and will take time.

    They said the VDR is expected to have conversations between the captain and bridge crews in their final hours.

    The ship’s VDR was recovered nearly a year after El Faro sank in the Bahamas.

    “It’s been an emotional rollercoaster, these last 10 months,” said Carla Newkirk, whose father, Larry Davis, was on El Faro.

    Video shows NTSB officials and specialists from other agencies going 15,000 feet down to the wreckage of El Faro. It was there where they found the VDR and used a specialized tool to get a hold of it. 

    On Friday, family members of the lost crew members learned they will not be able to listen to the audio recordings on the device.

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