• Family of fireman lost at sea asking for volunteers to search the beaches this weekend

    By: Amber Krycka , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The family of firefighter Justin Walker, who has been lost at sea for 22 days, is asking volunteers to walk the beaches.  

    "She's not willing to rest until she finds something," said Telisha Shugart, organizer of search. 

    A missing firefighter's wife is not ready to give up on her husband. 

    "They're heartbroken, and she's not willing to give up," said Shugart. 

    Firefighters Justin Walker and Brian McCluney went to sea for a day of fishing and never returned.



    More than 146,000 acres were searched over 281 hours. Both families were right there with search crews helping. Walker's wife, Natasha, even took to the sky looking for her husband. 

    "The stamina, the strength this child has, anybody should look up to," said Shugart. 

    Shugart said Walker has continued searching even days after the search was called off by the Coast Guard. Now, she is asking for one more search, because the family is hoping Hurricane Dorian washed up some of the missing men's clothing. 


    "We have certain items of the boys that they were known to be wearing, that we are hoping that the storm at some point has washed up, or will wash up," Shugart said. 

    Shugart said she's hoping something viable will be found, so Walker can have some closure. 
    "She really loved her husband and she's incomplete without him," said Shugart. 

    They will be meeting at the Pier in St. Augustine at noon. 

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