• Feral cats cause flea infestation in Southside neighborhood

    By: Beth Rousseau , Action News Jax


    Robert Kracker is covered in sores. He and his wife say they’re flea bites from feral cats living next door.

    “Our neighbors feed anywhere between 10-12 cats twice daily,” Shawn White told Action News Jax. According to the couple, even after talking to their neighbor, cats are constantly running through their backyard, causing a flea infestation.

    “Right now it’s got to the point where I can’t even walk to my shed…because I have to cross the yard,” Kracker said.

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    Action News Jax asked the Krackers' neighbor, Brenda Harper, about the issue. She said she doesn’t give the cats flea medication by they’re all vaccinated and spayed or neutered. 

    “We’re just taking care of them, feeding them keeping them, from being cold and hungry. Otherwise they’d be a menace somewhere else,” Harper explained.

    Jacksonville’s Community Cat Initiative allows for the feeding of feral cats but city code says animals cannot be kept if they create an unsanitary condition or cause infestation. The couple said that’s exactly what’s happening.

    Action News Jax reached out to the city to find out who enforces the Community Cat Initiative and animal codes. We’re still waiting for a response.

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