Arbery family reacts to newest pretrial event

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Attorneys laid the groundwork on how the trial will play out, while Amaud Arbery’s family was in the courtroom today.

“They’re desperate. They don’t have a defense. So, they’re doing everything they can to get one. they don’t have one. I think a lot of lies were conjured up today.”

That’s the response of Arbery’s family after hearing attorneys’ arguments that the three men who are accused of murdering Arbery thought he was trying to carjack them.

“He didn’t hijack a vehicle, he didn’t break into anyone’s home, he didn’t try to rob anyone,” one family member insisted.

The attorney for the state argued that the suggestion Arbery was the attacker was wrong.

“It’s offensive that this has been turned into a carjacking.”

Instead, Arbery was hit with the 5,000-pound pickup truck.

The defense argues the men thought Arbery was running towards the men to attack them, as a reason why a witness’ assumed state of mind should be included in the trial. The state disagrees, however.

“There is no way for them to know what he was thinking on the day he was gunned down and murdered.”

Arbery’s family feels the approach is unfair to Amaud’s memory.


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