New questions added for jurors in Ahmaud Arbery murder trial

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — It was a tense Tuesday morning in the courtroom as one of the first items discussed was the defense’s new motion or request for new questions for potential jury members.

Their request changes how jury questions will be presented.

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Defense attorney Kevin Gough and the judge debated how the new questions would go.

“If we go beyond that or ask a new question and it draws an objection, it will be sustained? I think I heard the court say,” Gough said.

The judge cut in and said, “If you ask a question and there’s no objection made, I will rule on the objection at the time.”

The judge said he was already giving attorneys more room than many courts would.

Linda Dunikoski, the prosecutor for the state argued some of the questions put jurors on the spot.

“That question really goes to is there some pressure that you were going to feel to render a certain verdict?”

She went on to say what the defense is trying to get at when asking the juror, “are you so weak that you can’t hold to your own opinions?”

Ultimately, the judge did allow two new questions to be added, but then said he would not go any further than what is already being permitted.

One question asks for clarification into what justice for Ahmaud means for those who have said it publicly.

The second asks potential jurors if they can rule on the case using laws that may have changed since the shooting.

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Representation for the Arbery family said even that may be too much.

“Justice for Ahmaud is not, in any way, an incorrect question. It’s not suggestive of anything. It’s simply calling for justice.”

Bailey Husker

Bailey Husker, Action News Jax

Bailey Husker is a digital content producer and assignment editor for Action News Jax.