• Florida Governor Rick Scott visits Jacksonville after mass shooting

    By: Danielle Leigh , News 104.5 WOKV


     A mass shooting at the Jacksonville Landing unfolded during a two-day video game tournament, that ended with two people dead, nine people shot, two hurt, and the gunman taking his own life.

    GALLERY: Victims killed in Jacksonville Landing shooting

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    Florida Governor Rick Scott says the focus right now does not need to be on control, adding people want to focus on the means of this shooting instead of why it occurred in the first place. 

    “Why did this young man not value life? What is his background? Is it technology, is it relationships?”

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    While speaking outside one of the hospitals where some of the victims of the shooting were being treated, Scott called on school leaders, elected leaders, and parents to sit and start talking about to how to get to the place where young men and have hope and not even considered carrying out an attack like this. 

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    The Republican Governor also said the responsibility to lead the conversation falls upon the church and parents. He’s calling on parents to ask themselves what they can do better and churches need to figure out what they can do to get more people involved in faith. 

    “Because when I was growing up, this was not happening and it’s happening now.”


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