Green Cove Springs post office clerk indicted in federal court

A Green Cove Springs U.S. Postal Service clerk has been indicted in federal court.

According to federal documents filed Wednesday, Joan Zito is accused of stealing money and property that came into her possession through her job as a window clerk at the Green Cove Springs Post Office.

Zito started working there in 2014.

The USPS Office of Inspector General said Zito is no longer a USPS employee.

A supervisor at the Green Cove Springs post office told Action News Jax that Zito was “allowed to resign.”

Zito told Action News Jax she was accused of stealing $13,000 worth of stamps; that would be 27,659 stamps.

“I’m a single mom with three kids living with my father and hiding my truck from the repo guy all last year, and worked two jobs. If I stole that much stamps or money, wouldn’t I have paid off my $5,000 truck or moved out on my own?” Zito said

Zito’s indictment comes six months after Action News Jax reported an accusation of mail theft at the same post office.

USPS customer "Mark" asked Action News Jax not to reveal his last name because the alleged thief already knows his name and address.

Mark said someone stole a check he put in the indoor mailbox at the Green Cove Springs post office.

He said someone altered the $40 check to $940 and used white-out to change “Comcast” to “Cash.”

“Anybody that works for the post office could take anything they want,” Mark said. “We dropped it inside. Nobody has access to that box except for postal workers.”

That theft was reported months after Zito stopped working for the post office.