Heat turned back on at Valencia Way Apartments just before the holidays

Some tenets are without gas at local apartment complex

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Local families left without hot water or gas to cook are about to have the heat turned back on.


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All gas lines have been restored to Valencia Way Apartments.

Action News Jax investigates has been looking into problems at Valencia Way apartments for years.

The gas was shut off at the complex on Oct. 1, leaving hundreds of people without gas and hot water.

The owners of the apartment complex, Millennia Housing Management, told Action News Jax the work to get gas restored included installing new meters, new lines, and new shut-off valves.

The company says the gas was turned on to each building as new pipes were installed.

Neighbors say the work was finished just in time for them to enjoy Thanksgiving next week.

"We hope this doesn't happen again because this is ,like, we're going through a midlife crisis right now," said neighbor Tyrone Davis.

"It's been stressful, real stressful for the tenants. They have been complaining about the gas line and everything, but I want them to be patient and be calm and collected, let them go ahead on and do what they got to do to make us be safe because I'd rather be safe than sorry," explained Tenant president Gail Thomas.

The owners say they're now spending $24 million to renovate the complex.

Neighbors are just happy to see progress being made.

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