• Hit-and-run investigation continues as truck believed to have been found

    By: Russell Colburn


    CLAY COUNTY, Fla. - Investigators are getting close to moving in on a hit-and-run crash in Middleburg. Authorities are processing the vehicle that is believed to have hit 43-year-old Kevin Helm early Sunday morning.

    Doctors are still working to save his life after troopers say he was hit by a truck and left for dead. Now, local family members who haven't seen him in years hope that he pulls through.

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    A woman who heard the crash told Action News the 2011 Dodge Ram didn't speed off from the scene, it just casually drove on.

    Florida Highway Patrol Troopers weren't called to Hibiscus Avenue in Middleburg until after 11 a.m., about eight hours after the crash.

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    "I didn't believe it. I looked up the news report and got his age and everything, and I was getting calls by friends of his family trying to tell me about it," said Helm’s son 23-year-old Joshua Faloon.

    Troopers say the registered owner of that Ram is cooperating with investigators to help identify the driver.

    "I wouldn't want to see anybody get away with that kind of pain put on to somebody," said Jennifer Faloon, Helm’s ex-wife. 

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