• Hurricane Irma: Boarding up windows underway at Jacksonville's beaches

    By: Russell Colburn , Action News Jax


    All across Jacksonville's beaches, people are boarding up homes and businesses to protect property ahead of Hurricane Irma.

    Wednesday, Todd Smith of Jacksonville Beach stepped in to help a friend.

    “He just moved to Austin, so he's kind of out of the loop, and they had their own issues to deal with in Texas, but we're trying to get everything as secure as we can,” Smith said.

    Jacksonville Beach lifeguards put up steel shutters on the Ocean Rescue station.

    “[We’re] trying to minimize whatever damage Hurricane Irma throws our way,” lifeguard Kyle O’Connor said.

    Action News Jax met Joe Nickmeyer when he was boarding up Salt Life on 3rd Street.

    He said several other people requested that he take care of their homes and businesses as well, so we asked how he recommends boarding up property.

    “I usually try to use anything from half-inch to three-quarter-inch plywood, about 2-inch screws, something along the lines of like a decking screw with a torque spit that'll hold up. That's a good strong screw. And just make sure you got something good that you're screwing into that's going to be good and solid when you're all said and done,” Nickmeyer said.

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