‘I don’t care. I kill women and children too’: Two arrested in 2019 death of pregnant teen

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Two men are now in custody, facing murder charges following the 2019 death of a pregnant teenager.

Action News Jax first told you back in October of 2019 when 19-year-old Iyana McGraw was shot multiple times inside her townhome off of Justina Road. She was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. The teen was nine months pregnant. Hospital staff was able to deliver her baby girl, Milan, but the infant died three months later from complications.

“Due to lack of oxygen from the trauma. She had a lot of brain damage. There was not a lot of communication from her brain. They tried they worked on her,” Shadonna McGraw, Iyana’s step-mom, said.

Shadonna McGraw and Iyana’s aunt Gloria McGraw, spoke with Action News Jax reporter Meghan Moriarty about the arrests and the new information released in the detailed arrest report from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

“Bittersweet,” Gloria McGraw, said, describing the news. “Bitter, because it doesn’t bring them [Iyana and Milan] back. Sweet, because we have justice.”

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A newly released police report from JSO said the victim’s [Iyana] boyfriend allegedly “shot up” a nearby apartment over a drug feud. The person who lived there was George Prince.

“She was manipulated,” Gloria McGraw said. “I feel she ran into and fell in love with the wrong guy. She was very vulnerable.”

Prince’s home was 0.3 miles from where Iyana lived. The police report goes on to say that Prince was seen with a handgun, wearing latex gloves. A witness was trying to stop Prince from retaliating, saying it’s not clear who “shot up” the home, according to the police report. The witness tells JSO Prince responded, “I don’t care, I kill women and children too.”

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“It’s just tragedy. It’s just tragedy,” Gloria McGraw said. “I wanted to see her [Iyana] become a mother, in which she would’ve done just a few days prior to her being murdered.”

Iyana’s due date was four dates after her murder.

The other suspect, Gerod Fields, was arrested eight days after the murder. He was charged with possession of one of the firearms used to kill Iyana McGraw. Two guns were used in her death. A second degree murder charge has since been added. Fields told a witness that Prince was supposed to pay him $1,000 for his involvement in the shooting, but he never got paid, according to a police report from the Sheriff’s Office.

“What did they get out of murdering Iyana and her baby? Was that their retaliation? I don’t get it,” Gloria McGraw said. “I don’t understand.”

Moriarty dug into both accused suspects’ backgrounds. Prince has a previous charge for possession of a weapon. Fields has a criminal record for trespassing, drug possession and running from police. All charges are from 2021.

Both men are being held without bond.