"I'm not a stalker," JSO corrections officer accused of following Clay Sheriff says she was set up

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A JSO corrections officer accused of stalking the Clay County Sheriff said she sat down with Action News Jax to clear her name.

“I would like my side of the story to be told,” said Cierra Smith.

Action News Jax has been going through hundreds of pages of Internal Affairs documents and audio files involving Smith.

Tuesday, Smith admitted to Action News Jax she had a previous sexual relationship with Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels, a married man, which recently ended.

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While an Internal Affairs investigation found no evidence she and Daniels had sex while Smith was in uniform with JSO, it does mention a text message Smith allegedly sent to Daniels.

“You did say, ‘I wanted to [expletive] you so bad in your office tonight,’ in that report,” Action News Jax reporter Russell Colburn said.

“In that report,” Smith said.  “That was a phone that was used.  Like I said, I can’t go too in depth of that report, but that was a phone that was used that was never traced back to me.”

Smith said her estranged husband, Larry Smith, provided false information to police.
Tuesday night, Action News Jax got him on the phone from North Carolina.


“The text was provided as well as the supporting documentation,” Larry Smith said.  “She’s been coached very well by Darryl Daniels. Her whole statement was coerced.”

On May 6, Daniels called CCSO on Smith, saying she was stalking him by following him in the Oakleaf area.

Smith said the two had planned to meet, and she believes she was set up.

“I’m not a stalker,” Smith said.  “I’m not this crazy person who’s out here just trying to chase behind the sheriff or do anything like that.”

Deputies said the investigation revealed Smith had a loaded gun that night.

“I am a registered correction officer, so I am entitled to carry a weapon,” Smith said.  “I have a license concealed weapon to carry a firearm.”

“My weapon was in the glove box and it was in its holster,” she added.  “At no point in time did it ever come out the holster, come out the glove box.”

Smith was taken into custody, but Daniels did not press charges.

Action News Jax is told Daniels is out of the state and could make a statement later this week.

In our interview, Smith did say she wants to apologize for this public, extramarital affair.

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