• Increase in snake sightings because of construction, weather

    By: Deanna Bettineschi , Action News Jax


    Pictures of snakes are popping up on social media more often and a Jacksonville snake expert said the reptiles are out and about because of construction and weather.

    Wildlife expert Ryan Boyd said construction is chasing snakes out of the places they normally live.

    “The rain we had, it's pushing these snakes around, Boyd, who is president of Quick-Catch, said. "So they usually hang out in rivers streams and creeks and when it rains it pushes them up to higher, dryer ground."

    Boyd is one of only a handful of people in Northeast Florida who are certified by FWC to handle, transport and relocate venomous snakes.

    He says killing a snake does not remove the danger.

    "I’ve actually seen the beating heart of a snake. It was 30 to 45 minutes after the person killed it," Boyd said. "The heart was still beating. They can still strike -- they’re still venomous."

    Action News Jax met with Boyd at Xtreme Exotics to learn more about the behaviors of snakes.

    Experts say the claim that younger snakes are less dangerous than older snakes is a myth.

    “The younger snakes don’t really have a sense yet to retain their venom, so when they bite, they let everything they got go into you,” Boyd said.

    Boyd said if you see a snake near your home, it's best to leave them be because they’re beneficial to the environment.

    People can also call a professional to come relocate it.

    Visit Boyd's website if you have any questions about snakes or if one is venomous.

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