Jacksonville-based Venus suing companies selling knockoff products

A Jacksonville-based company is suing companies for allowing counterfeit manufacturers to sell knockoff items online.

Jim Brewster, president of Venus Fashion -- which sells popular swimwear and clothing -- is frustrated that companies such as Amazon and wish.com are allowing sellers to steal their photos and using them in their own advertisements.

He said they are tricking consumers to make money.

He said what people get in the mail are nothing close to the products in the Venus photos.

Brewster tested it out himself and ordered clothing off the sites.

“This is supposedly the same thing," he said. "No construction, no wires, no cups, no nothing -- not even the same color.”

Brewster hired a full-time paralegal to find the poser sites.

Action News Jax found a lawsuit Venus filed against a company named Vessos.

Venus is currently in litigation with multiple companies.