• Jacksonville homeowners: Thieves posed as Jehovah's Witnesses

    By: Russell Colburn, Action News Jax


    Oceanway neighbors tell Action News Jax that thieves have been posing as Jehovah’s Witnesses and breaking into their homes.

    The victims said it’s all an act to scope out your property -- only to come back and steal from you.

    Cedar Bay Road is a quiet, spread-out community. One of its residents, Ronald Gerdick, said several burglars recently hit his guest house.

    “[They] drive down the driveway and if someone comes out, they hand them a flier [saying] 'We are  Jehovah’s Witnesses'," Gerdick said. "And if no one is there, then I guess they continue with their break-ins." 

    Gerdick said they first tried to pry the front door open.

    “My wife was on her way to work and saw the people in the driveway,” Gerdick said.  “Had she called me, I certainly would’ve come down, and probably would’ve been shot.”

    A couple doors down, Terry Boatwright has almost the same story.

    “I’m looking out now and stuff, and I’m totally paranoid if anybody comes up or comes by,” Boatwright said. “I opened the door, [and ] there was glass all over the floor. My heart just dropped, and I looked and the TV was gone." 

    The victims said the suspects strike at odd times.

    “It has been quite nerve-racking that -- during the day -- somebody will drive up to your residence and break in,” Gerdick said.  

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