• Jacksonville Jaguars gear sold out after team becomes division champions

    By: Varisa Lall Dass , Action News Jax


    When it comes to Jags playoff gear, local shops say apparel is flying off the shelves.

    Action News Jax got a first look these division champ T-shirts available at the Everbank Field Jags store Fanatics.

    Local sports retailers like Sports Mania have also been selling a lot of merchandise.

    Owner Matt Smith tells us his December sales this year increased by 300 percent compared to December sales from last year.

    Matthew Smith said, “I’m opening stuff and it’s literally selling out of the box as I’m opening it.”

    Smith continued, “The phone rings about every five minutes. We get a phone call. Asking if we’ve got new shipments, asking if we’ve got champs product.”

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