• Jacksonville pastor who wished death on Sarah Silverman is subject of viral tweet

    By: Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Comedian Sarah Silverman tweeted a video of Jacksonville pastor Adam Fannin where he called her a "God hating whore of Zionism....",  "...Satans scoffer...." and wished death on the comedian.



    • Silverman said in the tweet, "This is Adam Fannin of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Florida and he is going to get me killed."
    • Silverman tweeted the video on Thursday in late afternoon; the tweet has been liked over 52,000 times and retweeted more than 17,000 times.
    • In the portion of the video tweeted, Fannin says, "...you know these Jewish false prophets, antiChristian, anti-God.... you know they're, they're willing to put Jesus to death again. You've heard this comedian Sarah Silverman? You know who I'm talking about? She brags about it, 'I'd do it again.' Listen, she is a witch, she is a jezebel, she is a God hating whore of Zionism. I hope that God breaks her teeth out, and she dies. She is a wicked person, and she is like, she is like the perfect representation of religious Judaism. She is Satans scoffer, and she is there to take the world and make them laugh and dis Jesus; to try to take away their respect from Jesus. And listen we have to be -".
      • The video in the tweet is from a longer video posted online
    • Fannin is referring to a 2005 comedy special called “Jesus is Magic”.
    • Silverman says her joke was taken out of context.
    • In a video response by the current pastor of Stedfast church, Jonathan Shelly said, "Even though Adam Fannin, you know the broken clock is right twice a day, I’m not gonna sit here and excuse his railing but he is right that Sarah Silverman is wicked it is right that she’s blasphemous.”


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