• Madden 19 tournament announcer on shooting: 'I witnessed him breathing his last breath'

    By: Beth Rousseau , Action News Jax


    Madden 19 tournament announcer Toshiba Sharon said he was just feet away from gunman David Katz when the 24-year-old opened fire at The Jacksonville Landing.

    Sharon said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing when bullets struck several contestants in the room.

    He said, “I was doing an interview, so, I was right there. It was right in front of me. I saw the two people that were killed. He was right in front of me. I saw him. I knew at that point, he was gone.”

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    The announcer explained he watched Eli Clayton and Taylor Robertson get gunned down.

    He said, "From the angle where I was all I could see was his arm reaching into the room and I could see the gun and the gunman shooting."

    The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said Katz killed two gamers and injured at least nine others before taking his own life.

    Sharon said once the shooting stopped almost everyone ran out, but he stayed behind to help the injured.

    He told Action News Jax, “I saw the other young gentleman, Taylor Robertson, and he was laying there facedown and we rolled him over to see if he was still alive or if he was hurt.”

    Sharon said, "I think I witnessed him breathing his last breath."

    Sharon said the image will be in his mind forever, along with the memory of the two who were killed.

    “Their memory doesn’t die yesterday. Maybe their body is gone, their presence won’t be seen, but their memory will be seen beyond this,” promised Sharon. 

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