JEA missed water testing for thousands of customers; JEA reassures the water is safe

JEA announced they missed water testing for 6,000 customers for a month. In a letter sent to customers, JEA admitted bacterial testing not done in one part of town.

JEA is required to test the water for specific contaminants on a regular basis. But, 6,000 customers living in North Jax got a notification from JEA – saying it didn't take water samples for a month. JEA said it was because of a timing issue.

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According to JEA, as a new water plant was opening in North Jax, there was a miscommunication between JEA and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on when the sampling should be done.

“All the testing came out negative for any of those components,” said Gerri Boyce, JEA spokesperson.

Boyce said those who received the letter should not worry.

“I want to insure everyone that their drinking water is safe,” she said.

Boyce admits JEA made a mistake and said they need to do a better job so this doesn’t happen again.

“We have to do a better job of communicating with each other, especially when we have a new plant coming on to make sure we have the dates aligned on when this testing is supposed to be done,” she said.

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