• JSO confirms man in SWAT standoff robbed nearby bank


    Investigators confirm that the man who had barricaded himself in a home Friday had also been involved in an earlier bank robbery. 

    A search warrant revealed that the mask and money from the robbery was found in the suspect's car at the Jacksonville home. 

    Ron Lendvay, director of investigations and homeland security, said authorities "feel confident" that Terrence Randolph King, 29, was the suspect in the Wells Fargo bank robbery in Ortega and SWAT standoff.

    Police had been dispatched Friday to a robbery at the bank on San Juan Avenue. 

    Lendvay said King entered the bank while wearing a Batman-style mask. King brandished a gun to bank tellers and demanded money, Lendvay said. 

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    Officers were led to a home at 7584 Patrice Court 20 minutes later.

    Officers evacuated a woman and four children, two who are believed to be fathered by King, from the home and confirmed that King was inside.

    Lendvay said officers tried to call King's phone and asked him to get out of the house. 

    King was agitated and shouted profanities at the officers, Lendvay said. King opened the door to the home, stepped outside, shot once and then closed the door.

    Officers then fired six shots toward the house, Lendvay said.

    King did not respond to officers but called family members expressing regret and plans of killing himself.

    JSO officers forced themselves through the front door and found King dead on the floor, possibly from a self-inflicted wound.

    Investigators said it's too early to determine whether King was involved in another robbery that happened at the same bank on Feb. 17.



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