Jacksonville Landing mass shooting updates

PHOTO GALLERY: Victims of Jacksonville Landing shooting

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TUESDAY, 11:15 A.M. Morgan & Morgan attorneys Matt Morgan, Tim Moran and James Young will hold a press conference at 11:30 a.m. to announce intent to file the first lawsuit in the Jacksonville Landing shooting.

MONDAY, 3 P.M. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said that David Katz had two guns -- but only used one -- to commit the Jacksonville Landing mass shooting.

Sheriff Mike Williams said all 10 people who were hospitalized are expected to be OK. The sheriff said surveillance video showed the attack was a single-suspect incident.

The sheriff said Katz had extra ammunition with him. Katz walked passed people in the restaurant and did not shoot, focusing on the gamers in the tournament, according to the sheriff.

There were approximately 130 to 150 people inside the building at the time of the shooting.

Jacksonville FBI Special Agent in Charge Charles Spencer said the FBI is working to find out where the suspect was prior to the tournament, where he stayed and who he was in contact with. He said they are also working with the suspect's family in Baltimore. They have been very cooperative, authorities said.

FACEBOOK LIVE: Family of Eli Clayton reads statement (watch below) 

WATCH LIVE: Family of shooting victim Eli Clayton speaks in Jacksonville

WATCH LIVE: Family of shooting victim Eli Clayton speaks in Jacksonville

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Katz legally purchased the firearms recently in Maryland from a licensed dealer, according to the sheriff. The sheriff said one of the guns was a .45 caliber and the other gun was a 9-millimeter. The sheriff said one of the guns had an aftermarket laser attachment.

The sheriff said they have taken items from the hotel room and car as part of the investigation. The sheriff said there is no indication the he planned this attack prior to committing the shooting.

MONDAY, 2 P.M. Doctors at UF Health said that four of the six victims taken to that hospital have been released. One patient, a professional gamer, has a severe hand injury and is under going surgery for a gunshot wound to repair the damage.

The professional gamer's mom said he jump a fence to escape and was able to hide inside Hooters until help arrived. He was shot in the chest, the side and his right hand. His mother said he is devastated that he might lose his hand. “This is his life and if he couldn’t do this his life would be changed forever,” she said.

The victim’s mother said his younger brother was watching the tournament on TV and heard the gunshots. They immediately drove three hours to Jacksonville to meet him at the hospital, unsure of his condition.

Another patient had a bruised heart and was released Monday.

MONDAY, 12 P.M.: A New Jersey gamer who came to Jacksonville to for the Madden 19 Tournament said suspected Jacksonville shooter, David Katz was acting weird and wearing the same clothes as the day before. The gamer told reporter Ryan Nelson the suspect pointed his way and had to take cover.

MONDAY, 11:33 P.M.: Senator Bill Nelson speaks in Jacksonville in the area of the deadly attack.

Watch Nelson address the media below:

WATCH: Senator Bill Nelson speak after deadly Jacksonville mass shooting

WATCH: Senator Bill Nelson to speak near scene of deadly Jacksonville mass shooting. WHAT WE KNOW: https://bit.ly/2PGAhvE

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MONDAY, 6 A.M.: Memorial Hospital releases the names of four victims treated.

  • George Amadeo II, 17, is in good condition
  • David Echevarria, 28, was treated for minor injuries and released
  • Alexander Madunic, 27, is in good condition after a gunshot wound to the foot
  • Christopher McFarland, 31, is in good condition after a bullet graze to the head

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SUNDAY, 10 p.m. The two Madden 19 gamers who were killed Sunday were Eli Clayton, who gamed under the name "Trueboy," and Taylor Robertson, who used the name "SpotMePlzzz."

Among the shooting survivors: Alex Madunic, George Amadeo and Chris McFarland. All three had gunshot wounds and all three were stabilized. One had surgery today and one is scheduled for surgery on Monday.

SUNDAY, 9:10 p.m.: Florida Gov. Rick Scott is in Jacksonville and is visiting victims in the hospital. He is expected to address the media at Memorial Hospital sometime Sunday evening.

SUNDAY: 8:05 p.m. Authorities are on the scene of the suspect's possible home in Baltimore.

STORY: Alleged Jacksonville mass shooter David Katz: What we know

LIVE: Here's a live look at a south Baltimore home possibly connected to the suspected Jacksonville Landing shooter:

LIVE: Here's a live look at a south Baltimore home possibly connected to the suspected Jacksonville Landing shooter. STORY: Suspect was a Madden 19 gamer, witnesses say: http://bit.ly/2MvF3Ou DOWNLOAD the Action News Jax app to get the latest updates on this developing story: https://bit.ly/2s8hrn2

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SUNDAY: 7:45 p.m. JSO says the suspect used at least one handgun during the shooting. He stayed somewhere in the area on Saturday night, but authorities said they are still trying to find out where he stayed.

SUNDAY, 7:30 P.M.: At least 3 people have been confirmed dead, according to Jacksonville police.

One of the dead is suspect David Katz, 24, of Baltimore, Maryland, who killed himself. Police have found the suspect's vehicle and are investigating it. Katz was a gamer in the Madden 19 competition at the Jacksonville Landing.

Sheriff Mike Williams said there were a total of 14 people injured -- 12 had gunshot wounds and the other two sustained injuries during the incident.

SUNDAY, 6:43 P.M.: A reporter of the Baltimore Sun says federal authorities are investigating a home in South Baltimore as part of Jacksonville mass shooting investigation.

SUNDAY, 6:36 P.M.: JSO will hold a second news conference at 7:15 p.m.

SUNDAY, 6:19 P.M.: Reporter Bridgette Matter spoke to a victim who was injured during the shooting.

SUNDAY, 5:34 P.M.:  Reporter Ryan Nelson spoke to a witness and Madden 19 gamer who said the shooter was one of the gamers in an intense match. This information has not been confirmed by JSO.

SUNDAY, 5:23 P.M.: Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry tweeted the following:

Action News Jax has spoken with witnesses. Multiple gun shots were heard. Police have not confirmed how many shots were fired.

SUNDAY, 4:56 P.M.: The victim listed in serious condition was shot in the chest, according to a UF Health spokesperson. The victim's heart is being monitored. The other 5 are stable. The victims range in age from early 20s to 30s. Most of the victims were shot in the torso, chest and extremities like ankle and wrist.

Three victims taken to Memorial Hospital are listed as stable, authorities said.

SUNDAY, 4:30 P.M.:  According to JSO Sheriff Mike Williams, one suspect, a white male is dead. Police are working to determine his identity. No other suspect is being sought.

Although police have canvassed and cleared the area in downtown Jacksonville, JSO asks that people stay away from the area.

Mayor Lenny Curry and Sheriff Mike Williams will give another update in a few hours. An exact time is unknown at this time.

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SUNDAY, 4:22 P.M.: According to UF Health, 6 patients were taken to the hospital. Five are in good condition and the other in serious condition.

SUNDAY, 3:49 P.M.: Sheriff Mike Williams and UF Health will provide an update at 4:30 p.m. We will stream the news conference on air on FOX30 and CBS47 as well as on the Action News Jax Facebook page.

TOURNAMENT INFO: Madden 19 event was under way when Jacksonville mass shooting happened

The Jacksonville Landing said in a tweet: "We are deeply saddened at the incident and pray for everyone involved. The Jacksonville Landing is fully cooperating with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and all ongoing investigations."

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Madden released the following statement via Twitter:

"This is a horrible situation, and our deepest sympathies go out to all involved."

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NOTE: Florida Highway Patrol has closed the Main Street Bridge downtown to pedestrian traffic only.

SUNDAY, 3 P.M.: Multiple people are dead after a shooting at the Jacksonville Landing on Sunday afternoon, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said.

Sources say at least four people are dead and 11 are injured.

At least one suspect is dead at the scene. It's possible that JSO is searching for additional suspects.

The shooting reportedly happened at Chicago Pizza during a Madden 19 Tournament at about 1:45 p.m. on Sunday, according to JSO. The event was going on at the GLHF Game Bar, which is next to the restaurant.

JSO says people are still hiding at the Jacksonville Landing. They’re asking they call 911 so officers can come get you if you need help.

PICTURES FROM SCENE: Multiple dead in Jacksonville Landing mass shooting

JSO asks anyone in the area during the shooting incident who may have information to call police at 904-630-0500 or 866-845-TIPS or email info to JSOCrimeTips@jaxsheriff.org.

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LIVE: Multiple killed in Jacksonville Landing shooting

BREAKING: JSO says multiple people are dead at the Jacksonville Landing. At least one suspect is dead at the scene. LIVE UPDATES: http://bit.ly/2NlofX5 PHOTOS: http://bit.ly/2wdhVdu DOWNLOAD: Get our app for alerts, updates wjaxapps.com

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