JSO officer speaks out after suffering injuries and losing wife to alleged drunk driver

Trauma shapes future for JSO officer

Wednesday was Trauma Awareness Day and Memorial Hospital celebrated by honoring some employees and some survivors.

It was a celebration inside the hospital for some in the trauma center.

Many survivors shared their unique experiences with trauma including JSO officer Jack Adams who lost his wife and was severely injured after being hit by a drunk driver.

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Adams suffered spinal damage and other severe injuries after police said a woman named Kim Johnston crashed into their car.

Now Adams is forced to adjust to a new normal after dealing with his traumatic experience.

“At times frustrating you know when you can’t do the things that you could do before. I was basically quadriplegic from the neck down. My biggest limitation currently is reaching out reaching up my arms are slower to come back,” Adams said.

More than 1700 patients have been treated in Memorial Hospital’s trauma center over the past year.

Adams spent almost a week in ICU and a month rehabilitating after suffering his injuries.

Police said Johnston was intoxicated during the crash when she hit Adams his wife and two children while they were returning from Orlando. From that moment life forever changed for he and his family.

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“I was told at the time of the crash once they got me out of my truck and stable I actually flatlined and they had to bring me back. It’s been an adjustment of course my wife was unfortunately killed in the crash so it’s been a huge adjustment,” Adams said.

Although the stories for many of the survivors were unique, what’s alike is their love and appreciation for the people who helped them through those dark time.

Adams said those who work inside memorial hospital’s trauma center were especially helpful in his healing process.

“So obviously I wouldn’t be alive had it not been for their care,” Adams said.