JTA: Man arrested for allegedly spitting in bus operator's face, shattering glass on bus door

JTA bus driver attacked

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville man was arrested Monday for allegedly spitting in a Jacksonville Transportation Authority bus operator’s face, then punching the bus door, breaking the glass.

In an exclusive interview, that bus operator, Jorge Mogrovejo, said he fears for his life.

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“I can’t sleep right now,” Mogrovejo said.  “I can’t sleep very good, because I’m telling you, it’s very scary.”

Mogrovejo said there were at least eight passengers on the bus Monday when he was stopped at the light at Pearl and Union Streets in downtown Jacksonville.

JTA said Vincent Carter was arrested Tuesday.

In a statement, JTA told Action News Jax “[It] takes the safety and security of our bus operators and customers extremely seriously. We continue to assess this incident with the help of JSO. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured by this senseless attack."

Back in May, Action News Jax told you JTA is installing protective shields for its drivers for its entire fleet.

They said rarely do these attacks get physical, but that JTA operators have been verbally or physically attacked 23 times on the job since 2014.


Mogrovejo said his main focus is his health.

“Maybe the guy, he spit in my face, he was infected with the HIV or some other disease,” Mogrovejo said.  “So, this is right now my worry.  I'm really, I'm scared of these things.”

JTA sent Action News Jax this overview of recent safety upgrades:

-Protective shields are currently being installed on our entire bus fleet. The JTA Board of Directors approved the purchase of more shields during its March 26 board meeting to retrofit all JTA buses. That process has already begun.

  • The JTA recently upgraded the closed-circuit television network which has already become an invaluable tool.
  • We routinely perform coordinated safety activities with the JSO and the Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Safety Administration personnel to keep our system safe.
  • Our Safety Officers are TSI-Certified and are present at our transit facilities, including at some bus shelters.
  • Chief Safety Officer Ivan Moat serves on the DHS's Surface Transportation Safety Committee where he is kept abreast of any national trends and challenges facing our industry.
  • The JTA regularly undertakes activities in coordination with the JSO and TSI that the general public is unaware of - just one way we reinforce our day-to-day safety efforts.
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