• Must-See photo: Khan's megayacht docks in Jacksonville


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Get the camera phones out.

    Every time Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan’s mega yacht ‘Kismet’ is in town, it draws quite a crowd.

    It may look like a yacht from a James Bond film, but this beauty belongs to Khan, who has brought the 300-footer to Jacksonville a handful of times.

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    Linda Cassey is vacationing in Jacksonville and watched the huge vessel dock.

    “We're staying at the Hyatt. We watched it come all the way down and actually turn around and park,” Cassey said. “It was amazing. It was something to see.”

    At more than 300 feet, Kismet is ironically the length of a football field. The boat, reportedly worth over $100 million, just returned from Europe, and right now, it’s docked in front of the CSX building.

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    Deborah Kaczorowski of Jacksonville was equally impressed.

    “My feet would never touch land — maybe once a week —- if I had something like that,” Kaczorowski said. “I'd enjoy that bad boy.”

    The boat is rumored to be in town for a few more weeks. 

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