• Kids get dollar bills at bus stop in Palatka thanks to good Samaritans

    By: Lorena Inclan , Action News Jax


    Good Samaritans in Putnam County put smiles on little kids' faces as they went to school. 

    Derrick Davis and his friends wanted to make sure the kids from the Rosa K. Ragsdale community, a lower-income part of town, started their day off the right way.

    “Like kindergarden to first grade, $1, or second or third grade, $2 to $3, things of that nature,” said Davis.

    In all, he and his friends gave out between $70 and $75 to children as they hopped on their school bus in Palatka.

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    They also handed out jackets.

    The video posted on Facebook has gotten thousands of views.

    “I want them to remember and to know that just because we’re labeled as the 'hood, good does come out this 'hood,” said Davis.

    Davis said this isn’t a one-time thing. They’re already planning another event. His friend, David Mack, said they want this to be the stepping stone that creates an enrichment program in their community.

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    “If we can establish the foundation here in Ragsdale, it could spread through the entire city of Palatka,” said Mack. 

    They tell me they got the inspiration because they remembered someone doing something similar for them when they were kids.

    “Somebody does care about y’all. Somebody cared enough about us to do what they did for us,” said Davis.

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    This group said they want to lead by example, and ultimately, they want the youngsters to pay it forward when they get older.

    “This is something we are going to continue going, and hopefully the next generation [can] pick up where we left off,” said Davis.

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