• KKK flyers distributed in Jacksonville, Orlando area

    By: Larry Spruill , Action News Jax


    East Arlington neighbors say they’re not sure who is behind racial flyers being passed out in their neighborhood or if this is a joke, but police say this is not a laughing matter and they are now investigating. 

    “Frankly, we were shocked.”

    Shocked and disgusted, says one man who lives in an East Arlington neighborhood. He says he’s one of the many who were targeted.

    “We never encountered anything like this before and actually quite angered," he said.

    Neighbors say everyone on Collinswood Drive West got the flyers, which contained offensive language and contact information for the Loyal White Knights of the KKK.

    “In this time, I think race relations have improved some, up to certain points, I just think this puts us back. It’s very divisive," the man said.

    Monday night, we learned JSO is now investigating.

    “I think they should, as they would with any hate group. It’s not good for this society. I think we need to think as one race,' the man said.

    Our sister station WFTV in Orlando says flyers are being passed out in the Port Orange area as well.

    Neighbors tell WFTV it is the second round of flyers distributed in recent weeks. 

    Action News Jax called the number listed on the flyer but there was just a recorded recruiting message. 

    We asked JSO officials what prompted them to launch an investigation, but they told us they couldn’t discuss the specifics at this time. 

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