• Local father offended by Jehovah's Witness letter, claims its writer is targeting obituaries

    By: Katie McKee


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A local father who wishes to remain anonymous sent Action News Jax a copy of a letter sent to his family's church.

    The letter read in part: "Sorry about your loss. I read about it from the obituary."
    Jehovah’s Witness literature was attached to the letter.

    “In a time when a family is grieving they need to be surrounded by family and friends. That's not a time for a person to proselytize their views,” the father said.

    He tells me it's the second time his family received a letter like this. He said something similar came to his home in January shortly after he lost his daughter.

    "We found a tract from the Jehovah's Witnesses, which I found horribly inappropriate,” he said.

    The most recent letter was signed by an Eva Robinson.

    Action News Jax reporter Katie McKee tracked down Robinson and spoke with her on Thursday.

    McKee: “What is the overall purpose of them getting this pamphlet if they belong to a Presbyterian church?"

    Robinson: "That doesn't matter. We are not trying to change anyone's religion. We are just simply encouraging."

    Robinson was apologetic when told a family was angered and offended by the letters.

    "I’m sorry. I meant no harm,” Robinson said.

    Robinson said she frequently sends these letters to families listed in obituaries. She said this is first time she has heard of someone having an issue with it.

    "I think it just reflects upon her leadership, which is unfortunately interpreting scriptures in a very shallow way,” the local father said. 

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