Local homeowners become viral sensations with unique storm preparations

Unique storm preparations

From wrapping a house in plastic to strapping it down to an SUV, Florida homeowners have tried it all for Hurricane Dorian.

"Trial and error -- I'm just glad we didn't have to try to find my error," Ponte Vedra homeowner Scott Milestone said. "But there are some positive benefits to it, without a doubt."

Milestone spent eight hours strapping down his house to his white Cadillac in the front yard.

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During Hurricane Irma, he said, he lost part of his roof off the coast of Ponte Vedra Beach.

He didn't want to chance it with Dorian, he said.

"I thought it would be a lot heavier wind, but I just wasted my time," Milestone said. "But I still think the process has a lot of viability, due to the strength of the straps and the way they're anchored."



Although Ponte Vedra Beach did not get strong impact from the storm, Milestorm said he is better prepared for the next storm.

"It took about eight hours the first time, now knowing where to anchor and how to do it," Milestone said. "It would take 5 1/2 to 6 hours to secure it and put it down again."

A woman in Davis Shores amazed the internet when she wrapped her home in plastic.

The area experiences several feet of flood water, and she said the plastic helped protect her home.

"We got a little bit of water in the garage, a little bit in the connecting laundry room, but other than that, we did pretty good," Davis Shores homeowner Brittany Vidal said.

One Jacksonville couple stored their black smart car inside their house so it wouldn't blow away.

Two other neighbors special ordered 500-feet worth of Aqua Dam from Louisiana to block potential flooding from their Jacksonville property.

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