Local woman says someone tossed out kittens near busy interstate

Kittens tossed out near busy highway

A local woman said someone is tossing kittens out near a busy highway.

“Kind of a rough day to know that there’s people like that right here in my own area,” said Rachel Madson.

It wasn’t how Madson wanted to start her Monday – passing three dead kittens on her way to work. Madson said she noticed a kitten on the side of Old Kings Road, and about three miles away, heading onto 295, she spotted two other similar kittens.

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“I was devastated. I’m a big animal lover, and especially to see defenseless babies just dead on the side of the road,” she said.

The city said it located two of the kittens, but one of them was in terrible condition and hard to identify. While it said there’s no way to know how the kittens ended up there, Madson said she thinks someone dumped them.


“Too small to have gotten there on their own, and to be that far away,” she said.

In Nassau County, the humane society posted a picture of a kitten that’s the only surviving kitten of the three found in the middle of the road by a good Samaritan.

On social media, there’s a push to stop animal cruelty. A fundraiser for a kitten named Crash, thrown from a moving car, has raised more than $1000.

“You don’t have to be cruel to them. They’re defenseless,” said Madson.

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