Long line at Town Center Costco ahead of the potential impacts from Hurricane Isaias

Grocery stores filled with customers before Isaias

Jacksonville, Fla. — The Costco at the Town Center tends to be busy on a normal day but on Friday there was a line at the door.

Elwood Thompson was one of the shoppers in line.

“The line was back on the other side of the tire installation when I got here,” said Thompson.

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Thompson stocked up on supplies while on his usual Costco run Friday.

He said the store was busier than usual.

“I actually took pictures to post on Facebook later because I was like ‘holy crap’,” said Thompson.

The good news was he didn’t have to wait in the sun for too long before being let in.

“Combination of COVID-19 and the hurricane coming and making sure that they have safe distancing, perfect storm,” said Thompson.

While Hurricane Isaias is not forecast to make a direct landfall in Northeast Florida, Thompson likes to be prepared for anything.

“You never know with surges and all that so we just want to make sure. I got water, I got vegetables because I keep cans and dry stuff. The basics, the perishables,” he said.