• Michael Dunn "hoaxed" in jail

    By: Jamie Smith


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - While Michael Dunn was on trial for a murder charge, we got to see him in the courtroom, but we didn't get to see what he saw in jail until now.

    Among the letters sent to Dunn in jail, one obtained by Action News stands out.

    It purportedly comes from Dunn's fiancée, Rhonda Rouer, who testified at the murder trial about being with him at the Southside gas station on the night Jordan Davis was killed in 2012.

    "I've met someone else," it reads. "It's so ironic, you had this trouble with those Black [sic] guys that night and here I am dating this wonderful Black [sic] man."

    Also written on the letter dated September 2013 and signed "Rhonda," "Jerome makes me feel so good when we make love."

     Questioning its authenticity and investigating further, Action News found out the letter was mailed from a California post office last year before Dunn's trial.

    Rouer's own name is misspelled on the return address.

     Even though the letter arrived, the Duval County Jail address was also incorrect.

     Corey Strolla, Dunn's attorney at trial, told Action News that Dunn and his fiancée were still getting along extremely well after trial and he called that letter "absolutely a hoax."

     According to jail records, Rouer last visited Dunn in jail last Wednesday. 

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