• Middleburg boys mow lawns to send gifts to troops overseas

    By: Varisa Lall Dass , Action News Jax


    We met them on a bright day when most kids would be outside playing. But Kahleal O’Neal, 12, and Kendric O’Neal, 11, were hard at work mowing lawns to raise money for U.S. troops overseas. 

    “I felt like we should just help out and that would just help the troops because some of the troops don’t have the luxuries that we have over here,” Kendric said.

    The boys use the money from their lawn service business to buy toiletries and food for military personnel, and dog food for military service pets. 

    “If you spend it on yourself, it’s basically being selfish, and spending it on others helps them out,” Kendric said.  

    The boys started buying items with their allowance five years ago. They donated them to local homeless people.

    When they decided they needed more money to purchase the items, they formed KO Brothers Lawn Service.

    The boys already shipped eight boxes and are preparing to ship more this week.

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