Millions in scholarship money awarded to Duval students

The University of North Florida's Supporters of Academic Rigor (SOAR) is hosting its sixth and largest event yet with 16 colleges and universities attending to admit seniors from six high schools.

On Wednesday, $1.6 million in scholarships were awarded to Duval students during Instant Decision Week.

The event, hosted by UNF, comes at a time where college debt is crippling students. The national student loan debt is more than $1 trillion.

“It feels good knowing that some of the cost will be cut down a little,” said Maria Condoroetnau.

The event will also be held for Terry Parker and Ribualt students. If you want to get Instant Decision Day at your student's school, contact the school counselor.

To learn more about scholarships your student may be eligible for, visit Raise.me.

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