Town hall unveils new information in murder of 73-year-old Fernandina Beach woman

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla, — Neighbors from Fernandina Beach packed a town hall on Wednesday night to learn more about the mysterious death of a beloved pet-sitter.

73-year-old Colleen Potts was dog-sitting at a home on 13th street, police said. When they arrived on Oct. 24, the garage door and interior door were wide open, with the dogs running freely. Potts was found dead on the couch inside.

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More than a month later, there are still no suspects or arrests.

Melinda Prevatt, speaking on behalf of the family, shared part of a statement from Colleen’s daughter.

“The emotional rollercoaster of not knowing why continues to exacerbate their pains and loss,” Prevatt said.

The town hall, attended by police, family friends and community members, revealed limited but new information in the murder of Potts.

The Fernandina Beach Police Department has not revealed the cause of Potts’ death, saying it could jeopardize their investigation.

“We are looking at several different people. We are just not at the point to release names or declare them as actual persons of interest just yet,” said Deputy Chief Jeffrey Tambasco with the Fernandina Beach Police Department.

So far, FBPD says they’ve done 25 investigative interviews, collected 85 pieces of evidence that are being processed for DNA testing, taken 989 photos and are working through hours of security footage.

Investigators believe whoever killed Potts lives in the area or visits frequently.

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As for Prevatt, she believes this can be solved, and she hopes it happens soon to get justice for Colleen Potts.

It’s concerning being a small community and knowing how protective she was, that it still happened,” Prevatt said. “She never met a stranger, never, I promise you that you could probably never find a bad word about her.”