• Nassau Humane Society director resigns

    By: Action News Jax


    NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. - The director of the Nassau Humane Society has resigned one week after she and other staff filed a police report about missing controlled substance medications

    Jacki McDonald said she alerted the Humane Society about issues with the medications and other animal care problems.

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    She also said the medication was missing before she was hired.

    McDonald issued the following statement to Action News Jax:

    "I have dedicated my life to saving animals & was thrilled to join the Nassau Humane Society as Executive Director in June 2018.


    "Since then, proper animal care & funds have been handled extremely poorly. The Board of Directors continued to sweep alerts under the rug vs allow staff the resources to fix things. Now, NHS has offered me $17,500 to not speak out, which I have not accepted.  


    "Those funds would take much needed money away from the many dogs & cats care.  


    "We filed a police report last week acknowledging missing controlled substance medication from before I was hired. But I have alerted the Board about neglectful animal care since September when two licensed vets expressed concern of us withholding medication needed for a dog in pain.  


    "Please note, my goal is not to disparage this beautiful shelter.  Please don’t spite the animals as they still need homes, regardless of poor leadership. My only hope is that laws will be followed & the homeless pets receive proper care."  


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