Neighbors in Nassau County say their mail keeps getting stolen

Neighbors in Nassau County said a thief in Yulee is snatching mail right out of their mailboxes.

Things like bills, bank statements, and medication that a woman is dependent on, has all been stolen.
And USPS is investigating the mail theft in the Wilson Neck area.

Shirley Albritton said there was a stack of mail in her mailbox Saturday night, but when she went to get it the next day, it was gone.

She said life insurance policies for her family members were in her mailbox.

Now she's worried about a thief having her family's personal information. 
 "Identity theft, important information being out there for three family members," Albritton said.

Neighbors said for about the past month they have been checking their mail boxes and most of the time it’s empty even though they are expecting mail.

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“From the bank, I should have got mail and I was expecting mail from my son,” neighbor, Linda Hickman said.

But Hickman said she returned from vacation to find an empty mailbox. 
 "It is a federal crime," Hickman said.

And down the street, a neighbor said his wife’s medication that she is dependent on has been stolen multiple times.

“We’re missing all kinds of stuff, you know from bills and life insurance policies,” a neighbor said.

It has happened to neighbors on several streets in what these homeowners call a usually a quiet community.

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“I should be able to go on vacation and leave my mail in the mailbox for a week if need be. It shouldn’t disappear,” Albritton said.

U.S. Postal Inspectors recommend picking up your mail promptly, having your local post office hold your mail when you know you’ll be out of town or using locking curbside mailboxes.

And although it’s not available for every ZIP code, USPS offers informed delivery where you can track your mail and even leave delivery instructions.