Neighbors speaking out after mounds of trash left sitting for months at apartment complex

Residents say they pay monthly for trash service

Apartment complex having trash troubles

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Disgusting, filthy and unsanitary.

That's how people who live at Villas at Cedar Creek Apartments on San Juan Avenue in Jacksonville describe their home.

"That smell is horrible, flies and maggots, probably rats and snakes up in there too, we don't know," said Tamika Clark.

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"Everybody forgot about us out here, that's how it makes me feel, worthless," said Georgia Morrison.

Trash is overflowing out of every dumpster on the property.

Neighbors are now placing their garbage beside the dumpsters.

Georgia Morrison says the bad odor isn't the only concern.

"When we have a nice breezy day, it'll blow all over your hood and you can't sit on your porch," Morrison explained.

Others who live in the building like Tamika Clark are also frustrated.

"Can't bring anyone over, it's embarrassing," Clark said.

Neighbors told Action News Jax they pay every month for trash pick-up.

During an interview with Morrison an apartment manager showed up, so Action News Jax Jamarlo Phillips walked over and asked her when the trash will be removed, and this was her answer.

"I'm new at the property. We're working on it now, ok"

But will it be cleaned up today? Yes

Phillips called the complex owner, Michaelson Group, to get more answers, so far no one has called him back.

Neighbors told Action News Jax they have complained multiple times to the management company.

Many of them say they can't afford to move, so they have no choice but to deal with the trash problems for now.